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What are you fees?

Support calls begin at $40/week 

Sessions start at $75/hour

All-Access sessions start at $140/week. 

Are you Polygraph Verified?

Shawn is Poly-Verified for his sobriety since his Intensive-date, and first Poly, in February of 2021. The most recent Polygraph verification (#7) was conducted on January 16, 2024. He submits to an annual polygraph test for maintenance, transparency, and to foster safety.

Are you Partner Betrayal Trauma Certified?

Shawn Poly Verified as sober & safe, he is certified and has extensive training to help support & heal Partners who have suffered betrayal and the devastation of these addictions. Please see Partner's Testimonials.

Each client experience is unique; however we can attest that couples and individuals who have done their work and utilized the tools provided have expressed that their lives have changed tremendously going from isolation to intimacy, ignorance to intelligence, independence to interdependence, and more. Partners have shared several testimonials. You too can change your life and those of your family.

Shawn is Certified and Equipped to offer recovery tools and guidance on the journey to freedom from substance abuse. 

Do you Offer Substance Abuse Recovery Coaching?

What type of results can we expect when working with you?

                                                                              What are you Qualifications?

AASAT (American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy) Certs:

SRC = Sexual Recovery Certified

IAC = Intimacy Anorexia Certified

PRC = Partner Recovery Certified (Partner-Betrayal-Trauma Certified)

IAPRC (Int'l Association of Professional Recovery Coaches) Certs

CPC = Certified Personal Coach

CPRC = Certified Professional Recovery Coach

IFS = Internal Family Systems Certified

“I have to be honest, Shawn, you are the man for the job. Of all the people I have met and worked with in Recovery, you have been one of the most steady and supportive, stand-with-me-through-it-all guys. I will not hesitate to recommend you, thank you for being faithful."


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