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What is I2I?

i2i is the desire to serve as a Signal Fire to help men, couples, and churches out of the Pits of addiction and into lives of Impact and healthy Legacies. It is the "Beauty-from-Ashes" recovery brought in overcoming the crippling effects of lifelong addictions, childhood sexual abuses, unhealthy generational chains, and chronic selfish decisions & actions made while living without concern or accountability.

i2i is an active result of breaking life-long-lies believed, walking away from the negative narratives & shame cycles, accepting and applying the truths that lead to healing, and is the fruit of the many Men of Integrity, recovery resources, and experiences that led to (and help maintain) his own Recovery.  It is the working out of the pivotal 1st Thessalonians 4 pointing toward God's Will and desire of his Men, and Luke 22:32's call to "return and strengthen thy brethren". Ultimately, i2i is the privilege of putting his SA/IA Step-12 into action by walking in health, further away from the Pit daily, and standing as a ready Signal Fire to others seeking to escape their darkness and isolation.  

 Each client experience is unique throughout the recovery process; however, couples and individuals who have done their work and utilized the tools provided have expressed that their lives and relationships have changed tremendously for the better, thus producing the i2i experiences shared in testimonials. Partners have described their spouse in recovery displaying real changes from addiction to sobriety and safety, and able to speak eye-to-eye, and experiencing the intimacy isolation once sabotaged.

You too can change your life, become a safer, Integrity-driven, Intimate man, father and husband as you break the generational chains that bind and destroy life and Legacy.

Recovery: Pulling Weeds & Sowin’ Seeds to cultivate:

Isolated 2 Intimate

Impatient 2 Interested 

Inappropriate 2 Intuitive

Incomplete 2 Inspired

Intrusive 2 Inviting

Insensitive 2 Invested

Indecisive 2 Involved


I2I Recovery Coaching is dedicated to helping men take control of their lives from addiction. Our goal is to provide recovery coaching that empowers individuals, so they can find success in every aspect of life. We believe that everyone should have access to comprehensive support and resources so that they can lead a happy, healthy, and sober lifestyle. Our mission is to help people get away from their addictions and start on the path toward sobriety and joy through our unique blend of supportive services. We strive to provide access to quality recovery coaching services to any that wishes to grow, tailored specifically to their needs. With our personalized approach, we are devoted to providing an environment where people feel safe enough to create consistent, positive changes in themselves, as well as becoming safe for others around them; true transformation starts here!

Mud Race

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

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