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Working with Shawn has been the best thing to happen to the healing of my marriage in the 25 years since my first d-day.  

Since he is also working with my husband as his IA coach, Shawn can see the whole picture and often identifies patterns I, maybe, haven't seen yet.  He always validates my pain, patiently walks with me through the confusing parts and, unlike some of the counselors we'd worked with, Shawn has never made me feel like *I* was the problem.  

Holding my husband accountable by firmly and clearly calling out his IA behaviors has been the absolute most helpful thing he has done, though!  It turns out I'm not crazy after all, lol!


Leslie K.


Shawn is so passionate about helping people. I am an SA and IA and having Shawn in my life, in my corner, on my side, makes me feel more confident in my recovery journey. He encourages and challenges me when we talk. I truly feel safe with him and I am so blessed and fortunate to have him help me in so many aspects of my recovery and my life.

Dan. B

Shawn holds nothing back when it comes to accountability and has been so helpful! He asks the right questions and always has resources to help me think outside of the box. I thank God for his guidance in my recovery and his insight. He is always there to help when I need him, and he also challenges me to grow so I can overcome my addiction.

Shawn M.

Shawn has been very helpful to my husband and I. He has unique techniques and perspectives, as well as his knowledge on abuse in addicts, which brings a more holistic approach to healing that is difficult to find. My husband has grown a lot in the short time that he has been working with Shawn, and that is due to the partner-sensitive and no-nonsense approach that he has. This has created more safety for me as a betrayed partner, but the best part has been finally feeling like someone for the addict side also seriously prioritizes the partners safety, and that is a level of support that I have never had experience with in the 8 years I have unfortunately been in this niche. I am seeing more internal changes in my husband recently than I have in the past 8 years. I am grateful for Shawn’s devotion to my husbands clarity and success, because it also makes a safer life for me. 

Tyra A.

Helping Hand


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