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Shawn is a husband, a father of 10, a grandfather of 2, and a Process Operator/EMT at a Polymer Plant in Illinois. His involvement with AASAT, and life-changing for the healthier, began during a 5-day intensive with Dr. Weiss. It was there where he faced his fears, applied the opportunity to shed all secrets, and began to accept the "Men-make-Men" accountability and challenges that helped him climb and stay out of the Pit of addiction. He has since maintained his poly-verified sobriety, changed himself and his marriage with Beth, grown closer to his children, began breaking generational chains, and stepped into the process of learning and training for addiction therapy. 

His desire is to use lessons from his past, and the impacts of his past decisions on others, as a way to encourage and challenge other IA/SA addicts seeking help. He has been working with AASAT, IAPRC, Pure Desire, PESI, and other resources to strengthen his own recovery and to become better equipped to serve and support others. He is a student eager to learn, a Sponsor excited to serve, and is working toward becoming a full-time Recovery/Life Coach. He is privileged to now be a part of this life-redeeming field, helping those as-sick-as-their-secrets to come out of the Darkness, into the Light, and make-marriage-and-family-safe men. 

"I can't put into words how very intrinsic Shawn has been in my healing journey. The amount of time, dedication, and effort that he put into just being available for my husband and me is invaluable. He met us in the trenches standing underneath us and guiding us the entire way out. He is steadfast and persistent and doesn't pull any punches when it comes to holding his guys accountable for their behavior. I love his approach. He has shown grace, kindness, and understanding as he walked this very road himself. If I didn't have the tools that Shawn provided us along with his guidance in how to implement these tools into our healing, I would not be free and walking the path I am on today. His ability to unapologetically and assertively hold my husband accountable was the most vital part for me personally. The coaching and assistance he has provided is priceless!!!"

Lexie R.

Kind Words

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